Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making progress

Well Image has finally decided that we are not going to hurt her. Yesterday she did so good. She is now leading a little, still working on backing, she doesn't like that.

She allowed me to rub her head for the first time yesterday. This filly been a challenge, but I think we are finally winning her over. She has stopped panicking when we approach her, now she will allow us to walk up to her.

We are now working on picking up Stunner's front feet. I am pushing him on this, as his feet are so long.

Stunner isn't sure about Twizzlers, but he came back for more, lol.

His first bath, he loved it, and likes to play in the water. I think I ended up wetter than him.

Does that not look like a draft horse head or what?

Ransom and Leah making friends, actually she is trying to talk him into eating Twizzlers, she seems to think all of them should love Twizzlers as much as she does.

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