Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have always tried to stay out of the damn drama and games that people play, but it seems that everytime I open myself up and think I have a close friend, I get a sharp pain in my back and sure enough it has happened again. I am sick of this.

I guess that is why I love my horses so much, they are honest about their feelings and don't play these petty little childish games. A horse is honest with you all the time, you know where you stand with them. You dont' have to worry about any of this crap.

One of my TRUE close friends always tells me that she is going to crawl under a rock and become a hermit, and I can understand why she feels that way. I am at that point right now, thank God for a loving husband or else I would go nuts.

I love my mustangs but due to all the crap and harrassment I have received in the past 5 years from other mustang people, I am sad to say, I do not plan on ever attending another adoption event. I have had horses my entire life, and I have never seen another more petty, revengeful, vidicative group of people any where. This is so sad, the only ones that suffer are the mustangs.

Just imagine what good us mustang people could do if we would unite instead of wasting all our energy attacking each other.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ransom Update

I was recently informed that someone is worried about Ransom being skinny. Ransom has only been here for a total of 39 days. This is Ransom at the adoption.

This is Ransom in Amanda's trailer on the way home.
Ransom at home. He was just unloaded out of the trailer.

This was exactly 8 days here. As you can see he is slowly starting to fill out. His hips are not sunk in nearly as bad. This was last week, I didn't want to post it,but you can see he is looking better all the time.
Today, first time in yard. Yes he is dirty, but it has been raining daily here, we close to an inch last night.

I truly hope that this person that is so concerned about him, can see that he is gaining weight. He was skinny when he got here, and is looking better all the time. I wormed him on Saturday, and will have to worm him again next weekend, as he has a lot of worms. He also had ringworm on him, but his hair is growing back in now. It has been treated daily also.

Yes you can still see his ribs, that is usually one of the last areas on a skinny horse to fill in. But folks it has only been 39 days, give me a freakin break. I will continue to post photos of my boy to prove that he is continuing to gain and that he will flourish here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful Horsey Day

Yesterday was just a wonderful day, Cougar (Brady wants to call her) is finally learning that we will not hurt her, she accepted the pole on her back, giving to pressure, and even let me touch her face. She wants so badly to trust Brady and I, but isn't quite there yet. Learning to lead.
Allowing me to touch her face, notice that her ears are up, and she is actually eating hay still. This is a huge step forward for her.
Cougar has a very nice head, whoever adopts her is going to be happy.
Stunner had a huge day yesterday, first him and Shawn got to know each other. We are trying to get him used to a lot of different people handling him.

Making friends with Shawn. Stunner was able to walk around the yard yesterday for the first time.
Following nicely along over garden hoses, around bikes, lawnmowers, and tarps.
Brady and Stunner playing in the water, Stunner loves to drink from the hose.
Following Brady
Stunner likes to be rubbed on.

Blue has to come see what we are doing and check out Stunner. As I was walking in the house, I turned are and caught this picture. Brady was talking to Jiggs, and she was falling asleep on him. This is one remarkable filly.
Jiggs trying to con someone into petting her. Silly girl.

As we were getting ready to come in for the evening, I found Ransom's spot, he loves to be rubbed on his withers, look at that lip. The more time I spend with this horse, the more I fall in love with him. He is truly one of those once in a lifetime horses.