Thursday, July 30, 2009

Country Roads

Now I know this is off topic, but I always get a kick out of taking some one down this road, some people hate it, some love, it makes some car sick, right Brady? Anyway, I just thought I would show my internet friends, the lovely Casar countryside.

This was the storm rolling in last night. I was standing on my porch.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making progress

Well Image has finally decided that we are not going to hurt her. Yesterday she did so good. She is now leading a little, still working on backing, she doesn't like that.

She allowed me to rub her head for the first time yesterday. This filly been a challenge, but I think we are finally winning her over. She has stopped panicking when we approach her, now she will allow us to walk up to her.

We are now working on picking up Stunner's front feet. I am pushing him on this, as his feet are so long.

Stunner isn't sure about Twizzlers, but he came back for more, lol.

His first bath, he loved it, and likes to play in the water. I think I ended up wetter than him.

Does that not look like a draft horse head or what?

Ransom and Leah making friends, actually she is trying to talk him into eating Twizzlers, she seems to think all of them should love Twizzlers as much as she does.

Friday, July 24, 2009

IMAGE's Story

Cougar’s Miracle Image

In a mountain valley somewhere on Bald Mountain Herd Management Area, a new life begins; the little bay filly opens her eyes for the first time. She discovers the tall mountains, the sagebrush and her wild herd that she is born into. This filly is born with instincts that a domestic horse will never know; she has the blood of her ancestors running through her veins as she grows stronger every day. The herd teaches her to run with all her heart from any danger, this will help to keep her alive.

Her home is also home to the Mountain lions, she lives in constant threat from them. One nice warm day about the herd approaches a water hole, before moving on to the next grazing spot. The mare and little filly walk to the water, at that exact moment the lead mare catches the smell of the cougar. She snorts and bolts away from the danger, but it is too late, the cougar pounces at the closest horse. It is the little bay filly, the cougar swipes her with one paw and knocks the filly sideways, and miraculously she keeps her feet, and runs off with the rest of her herd. But the little filly has not escaped without injury. Her right hind leg burns with pain, and she is limping. The cat tore muscles, skin and sinew off her leg. But the filly has a will to live, she fights the pain, the soreness, the desire to lay down and just give up.
She is in tremendous pain, as she follows the herd for the next several months. Finally her leg begins to heal it leaves her muscles bunched up and a huge scar.

In January, helicopters come and chase the herd to a trap site. Then she is processed and sent to the Palomino Valley Corrals. No one has noticed the scar as of yet.

After spending a couple of months at PVC, she is selected to become one of the Extreme Mustang Makeover horses in the Tennessee Eastern Stampede. So she is shipped to Elm Creek, then on to Cross Plains, Tennessee, where the youth trainer that was selected to train her for the EMM awaits to bring to North Carolina.
Once again she is loaded into a trailer and comes to Casar, NC to live for the next 100 days. She sees mountains again, but it is not her home mountains where she lived with her herd.

The little filly is scared and doesn’t understand what this boy wants of her; he is an enemy to her, just like the mountain lion that almost ended her life when she was so little, so she runs like her mother taught her to do. After a few minutes, the little filly realizes that the boy is controlling her and making her move. This greatly puzzles her, so she stops, and thinks about this, licking her lips and chewing it over in her mind.

The boy speaks to her in a nice calm steady voice, she cocks an ear toward him, she likes his voice, it is calming. Maybe, just maybe she thinks, this strange two-legged creature isn’t going to hurt her. She takes a step closer, then another… Finally she reaches up and sniffs his hand. She bolts away, but then realizes that the creature didn’t come after her, he just stood there. Hmm, she thinks, what is up with this? She sniffs him again, this time he touches her nose. She likes the feel of his touch, so she takes another step closer, then another, as he is rubbing her face. She likes the way the boy is talking to her.

This boy sees her scar, but doesn’t think it is ugly, but instead thinks it is like a tattoo, but with a much better story. This scar is a tribute to the hardiness of the mustang horse. It shows how this breed has survived in the wild for hundreds of years. It makes me proud to say that I am the proud adopter of 8 BLM mustangs. They have more grit in one hoof than most domestic horses have in their entire body. Our mustangs survive countless dangers on the range, due to that they know how to handle their body, they know where to put their feet, and they will survive.

Please continue to follow the progress of Brady Hickman and Cougar’s Miracle Image through the competition in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on October 23-25. Maybe if you attend you can be the lucky one to win the adoption bid on Cougar’s Miracle Image and take a Miracle home with you.

Written by Janet Hickman. I do not know if the events about the cougar attack are true or not, but this is my imagination of what happened to Cougar’s Miracle Image.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Image & Stunner

Well last night Image made huge improvements. She is facing up with Brady, and is now touching the pole without trying to strike or bite it. YAY. This filly has a wonderful flowing trot, and will make a very smooth ride for someone in a couple of years. I am really impressed with her. And love her built. To me she is more dun than bay, she doesn't look dark enough to be a bay. I hope to get a video of her today, I want to show off that nice trot.
The bad thing is Image has a terrible snotty nose, so she is on meds, and is being kept far away from everyone else, which has greatly upset her. She has been whinnying non stop for two days. But it also has her looking to Brady for companionship, which is wonderful.

Stunner is doing great, and is trying so hard to figure out what Brady wants of him. He is now leading, backing and yielding his hindquarters. He is still very nervous about anything touching his hindquarters, but is getting better all the time.

This is the best body shot of him so far. Y'all be the judge, is he brown or grulla?I love the way he arches his neck. He has a very nicely built head, neck and shoulder. This is Ransom, wearing a saddle pad. I am able to walk right up to him, and throw the pad on without him moving, I am doing this a liberty with him. He isn't even wearing a halter. I measured him the other day and he is 15.3, exactly what the BLM stated he was. This is one of the smartest horses I have ever worked with. I can't say enough good things about him. Thanks, Tara, Patti, Deborah and Juan Palma for working things out for me to get him.

This is Haramine, our little filly that was born here on June 12. Her Mom is out of Callaghan NV. I thought that Haramine was going to be a bay like Mom, but I think that she is turning black now. What do you think?

This is Jiggs, Brady filly from Rocky Hills, NV. She is so silly, hence the nickname Jiggs the Clown. She looks like a clown too with those blue eyes, lol. Yesterday she was showing off, and all of them were running and playing around. I tried to get pictures, but the camera on my cell phone is in a bad place and as you can see, I can't keep my finger off the camera lens.
Jiggs is going to be one BIG horse, measuring from the point of her knee to the ground is 16.2. If that test is accurate that means she is going to be 16.2 hands high. It should be interesting to see how close she gets to this. But I was told by someone who was at the roundup of this herd that there was some 17 hand horses captured. I would highly recommend anyone that is thinking of adopting to check out the current Internet Adoption, as there are several Rocky Hills horses on her, include a very nice grulla filly. Burns Oregon also has a nice horses on there, that is where my Ransom is from.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Now I just have to figure out how to remove a picture and place the pictures where I want them on the blog.

So I talked to Shawna Richardson today and found out more about Stunner, he was captured on Jan 5, 09 outside of a herd area. On Simpson Park Mountain, which is not a HMA, but horses from Callaghan and Rocky Hills. These horses are nice, big horses with some curlies there too. Stunner has a lot of curles in his ears, but I am not sure if that would make him a curly or not.

Stunner pictures

Stunner's amazing footwork

Today we finally convinced Ransom that it was a good thing to be in the stall. First time he ever went in the barn at all. But he stood in there like the gentleman that he is and did wonderful. I noticed that he looks really big in my barn, lol, thankfully he is a gentle giant.

I just love that horse so much. I will work with him tonight or tomorrow. It seems that my round pen is in high demand right now.

After we got Ransom settled, Brady and I decided to work with Stunner in the round pen. He is going to make a wonderful english horse, he likes to jump, he would jump the water tank every single time he came to it, instead of going around it. He also has a wonderful extended trot of any english horse.

What a Stunning Image!! Club

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Fire Mountain Mustangs has donated two brand new horse size halters for Brady to raffle off. The first halter is a brown leather halter lined with neoprene, and a breakaway crown piece, throat latch snap, and nosed band buckle. All brass heavy duty hardware.
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Tickets for the raffles will be $1.00 a piece or 5 tickets for $6.00. Please use the donate button to purchase. Make sure you state which halter you are buying tickets for. The date of the drawing will be October 17th during our trail ride at South Mountains State Park, in Morganton, NC.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

EMM Yearling Pick up Date

Well today is finally the day, we left at 3 AM and headed to Cross Plains, TN to pick up Brady's yearling. We arrived in Cross Plains around 11 AM. I was finally able to meet Paula Carr, Patti, Kali, and Julie from the Mustang Hertigate Foundation, it is so nice to be able to finally put a face to the names. It was also very nice to see Fran with the Jackson, MS BLM and Randall Carr agian. It's been a few years since I saw them.

Kali told us the horse number, so we set off for the pens in search of 5939. She is the little bay dun in the center of the photo.

As we were looking at the horses, Patti asked us if we would be interested in a second yearling. So we selected 5065, a brown/grulla gelding. He is on the very left of the above photo.

The brown horse is one of the regular EMM horses. I really liked him. He was nice and wide.