Thursday, September 3, 2009

Proud of Our kids and Our Mustangs

So we set up an obstacle course and had the kids take their mustangs through it. I am so proud of our kids, and of our mustangs. I feel that did a wondeful job with them. My youngest stepson is ver timid and shy around the horses, he was charged up about doing this with Prancer that he begged me to help him do it the next day. This is wonderful, he has not shown much interest in the horses until now. I hope that Prancer has gotten to him. Brady and Blue.

Carson and Prancer. Shawn was so proud of him.

Leah and Salem. Many of you know that we got Salem from Amanda last summer, and she had never done anything like this with him. Salem loves Leah so much that he did everything she asked without any hestition at all.We are working some huge things for the EMM, so no updates on Cougar or Stunner. SHHH its a big secret. lol.